on stage
No!  The author seeks instead to paint a slice of life,
and has for his sole maxim, that the artist is human,
and that she/he must be presented as such.

One day, some long buried memories sang out
from deep within his soul.  And he wrote them into music
with real tears, his sobs beating time!

Therefore, you will see love, the way people
actually love each other.  You will see the sad fruits of hatred,
quaking sorrow, shouts of rage and cynical laughter.

And you, rather than judge us by our shabby actors garb, consider
our souls.  For we are only flesh and blood, and, like you, we
breathe the air of this orphaned world!

I've told you the concept, now let us see how the story unfolds.  
Let's go, we begin!  -- Tonio from
Pagliacci (Clowns)

If I may?  
Ladies and Gentlemen!
Pardon me, if I present myself -
I am the Prologue!

For once again,
the author places the classic
Commedia dell'arte
masked characters on the stage.
In part to revive the old customs,
and to invite you to revisit them.

But not to tell you, as in the past,
"The tears we shed are false!  Do
not be alarmed by our spasms and