"Di Provenza il mar, il suol"

Germont, a gentleman farmer,  comes to Paris to convince his son to stop living with a courtesan
and return to the fields of Provence.  If he fails, his daughter's suitor has threatened

to break off their engagement, rather than be connected to a scandal.
"Who erased the sea, the soil of Provence from your heart?
What destiny stole you away from your native, resplendent sun?

Oh, remember in your sorrow that joy glowed in you there,
                                    and that there alone can peace still shine
 upon you.  God has guided me!"
"Ah, you don't know how much your old father has suffered!
With you far away, his home became full of misery.
But, if in the end I find you again, if hope doesn't fail me,
If the voice of honor in you has not been silenced,
then God has heard me!